Last week we kicked off our marketing technology series on Email Marketing Tools We Love, and in this post we are going to cover our favorite tools for setting up a powerful membership website & other forms of gated content.

If you are in the info-marketing realm or if you are looking to jump into the
e-commerce world without the investment of physical products then creating content that you can sell or generate leads with is extremely profitable if done correctly.

The most important factor when it comes to selling content is actually having quality content that people want and provides value to your customers.

However, a lot of times people forget that the overall user experience plays a big role in the overall satisfaction of their customers.

By user experience we mean how the content is presented, how accessible the content is and how you keep your customers engaged with your content.

That is where these tools come in.  So with that being said, let’s jump in

Our Favorite Tools For Setting Up A

Membership Website:

wordpress membership website

Before we dive in deeper into our favorite tools, we should note that we build all of our websites and pages using Wordpress. According to a November 2015 MarketingLand article, 25% of all websites on the web are hosted on a WordPress.

This makes WordPress the most used Content Management System (CMS). So as you can probably imagine, WordPress is very well supported in terms of plugins, features, themes and available developers.

Plus it’s much easier to set up on your own if you are not a developer.

Because of this we highly recommend that you set up your websites in WordPress.


We are huge fans & supporters of Memberium. If you are using Infusionsoft & WordPress then Memberium is a must for your membership website and gated content. There are so many features,  we are probably going to have to create an entire dedicated blog post just to give the plugin justice. (Stay tuned for that).

With Memberium you can lock certain pages on your site, and trigger access through Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder using tags and Memberium membership levels.

What makes Memberium unique compared to its alternatives is it’s extensive library of shortcodes which help you control how content is displayed (and to whom). These shortcodes also make it easy to set up order forms, one click upsells and account settings pages for your viewers.

On top of all of that,  they provide awesome & prompt support that will help you navigate through all of their features or any hiccups you run into. 

Again, that is just scratching the surface. Not only is it the most powerful Infusionsoft based membership platform, it is also one of the cheapest.

You can learn more about Memberium’s awesome features here >>


LearnDash is Learning Management System (LMS) that turns your content into lessons. What is really cool about Learndash is that it’s quized based.

What this means, is that in order for your customers to proceed to your next lessons, they have to pass mini quizzes.

With these quizzes, you can also set up certifications and badges which help provides incentive and extra value to your courses and content.

You can learn more about LearnDash here >>


OptimizePress is primarily a landing page / sales page tool for marketers, however we also like to use it in conjunction with Memberium to design gated content pages or even a full membership website.

What’s cool about OptimizePress is that it is VERY easy to use when setting up pages that are marketing & conversion oriented.

Plus it is very flexible compared to other WordPress content builders, which makes it more preferable to it’s competitors (like LeadPages).

We definitely will be talking more about OptimizePress in future posts.

You can check out OptimizePress here >>


The other tool we love to use for setting up websites and membership websites is Thrive Themes & all of the various Thrive Plugins.

Setting up a Thrive Theme in WordPress is relatively easy (compared to other themes), and we simply think the themes look great. And, if you combined ThriveThemes with their Thrive ContentBuilder plugin, you will have an almost limitless ability to customize your pages.

And finally their ThriveLeads plugin is an awesome tool for creating stylish opt-in forms and conversion oriented light boxes.

We HIGHLY recommend you check out Thrive >>

That ends this week’s part of our “Favorite Marketing Tools” series. Stay tuned for future posts on this topic.

We’d love to hear your opinion. Let us know what you think in the comments box below!

By Prior Marketing Solutions / Mar 28, 2016 / 2 Comments