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It was not too long ago that I ran across Prior Marketing Solutions. I hired them, and I was very skeptical at first. I thought, there's probably no way these guys are going to do what they say or they are going to live up to my expectations, because they're incredibly high. Low and behold, a year later I'm shooting this testimonial. Not a month, not a week, not even three months, almost a year later, because Prior Marketing Solutions have proven to deliver what they say they are going to do because my business needs it.

If you have the honor and the privilege to be able to work with Prior Marketing Solutions, I'd consider you lucky. I know I am.

David Sharpe , Founder of Legendary Marketer, Co-Founder of The Empower Network & 9-figure Internet Marketer


As a successful entrepreneur and 5-time New York Times Best Seller, I discovered decades ago that having a quick, flexible and talented team is successful to building a multi-million dollar business. For almost 2 and 1/2 years Stephen worked for me as my Operations Manager and Infusionsoft/Funnel Ninja.

Whether it was 9am, 9pm or even 3am, he consistently proved to be a reliable,quick and effective "swiss-army knife". Whether it's marketing funnels, analytics, Infusionsoft Automation or leading projects, he was always up for challenge. I highly recommend Stephen and his company Prior Marketing Solutions!!!

Loral Langemeier , 5-Times New York Times Best Seller, The Secret, Money Expert on Dr Phil & CEO of Live Out Loud


I hired Prior Marketing Solutions to help me understand how to optimize my funnels, address the weak points in my strategy, make sure everything was integrated properly, as well as assist in strategizing my big pictures according to my unique business model. At the time of writing this my online Infusionsoft funnels now bring in an average of 30K+ monthly. Thanks for playing a major role and making my online learning curve as painless and profitable as possible. You rock!!!

Stephanie Joanne , Brand & Business Coach