We Help Business Owners Do Three Things:

Generate Leads. Make Sales. Automate.

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Here Is What We Can Do To Boost Your Sales:

Digital Marketing Strategy

Develop a strategy to generate leads online, and then convert them into sales using proven profitable techniques.

Funnel Creation

Getting Traffic, Setting Up Landing Pages, Automated Email Sequences, Sales Pages & Checkout Processes


Increase Your Funnel’s Conversion Rates For Your Existing Funnel By Optimizing Your Sales Processes

Want to know why our clients love us?

“As a successful entrepreneur and 5-time New York Times Best Seller, I discovered decades ago that having a quick, flexible and talented team is successful to building a multi-million dollar business. For almost 2 and 1/2 years Stephen worked for me as my Operations Manager and Infusionsoft/Funnel Ninja.

Whether it was 9am, 9pm or even 3am, he consistently proved to be a reliable,quick and effective “swiss-army knife”. Whether it’s marketing funnels, analytics, Infusionsoft Automation or leading projects, he was always up for challenge. I highly recommend Stephen and his company Prior Marketing Solutions!!!

Loral Langemeier

5-Times New York Times Best Seller, The Secret, Money Expert on Dr Phil & CEO of Live Out Loud

“It was not too long ago that I ran across Prior Marketing Solutions. I hired them, and I was very skeptical at first. I thought, there’s probably no way these guys are going to do what they say or they are going to live up to my expectations, because they’re incredibly high.

Low and behold, a year later I’m shooting this testimonial. Not a month, not a week, not even three months, almost a year later, because Prior Marketing Solutions have proven to deliver what they say they are going to do.

I want to tell you that if you’re considering hiring or working with Prior Marketing Solutions, don’t consider too long because they’ll probably be hired by somebody else, and most likely their workload will fill up. If you have the honor and the privilege to be able to work with Prior Marketing Solutions, I’d consider you lucky. I know I am.

David Sharpe

Founder of Legendary Marketer, Co-Founder of The Empower Network & Internet Marketer

“Stephen is amazing. I mean… he runs all my Infusionsoft campaigns, product creation, landing pages, everything for my multi-million dollar business. The guy knows a lot and he’s always on point. Not just doing, he’s always suggesting, with his contacts, with his Rolodex of people that he knows. He’s always bringing great stuff to the table, and he’s definitely helping my business grow. So I highly highly recommend Stephen. He’s definitely going to take your business to the next level like my business. Giancarlo Barraza

CEO & Founder of The Millionaire Mastermind, CoachGiani TV & Affiliate Marketing Expert

“I hired Prior Marketing Solutions to help me understand how to optimize my funnels, address the weak points in my strategy, make sure everything was integrated properly, as well as assist in strategizing my big pictures according to my unique business model. At the time of writing this my online Infusionsoft funnels now bring in an average of 30K monthly.

Thanks for playing a major role and making my online learning curve as painless and profitable as possible. You rock!!!”

Stephanie Joanne

Brand & Business Coach, Fitness & Health Professionals

“Implementing Infusionsoft into our business was the best thing we’ve done for marketing our small business. Prior Marketing Solutions was easily the next best thing we’ve done since. As a small business, hiring a full-time email marketing expert wasn’t an option. For a fraction of what it would cost us to train and employ staff to do the job, Stephen was able to create a top-notch sales funnel that produces.Karl Toth

South Reno Athletic Club

Certification Badges

We are proud to be certified in Funnel Development, Optimization & Testing, Email Marketing & Customer Value Optimization by DigitalMarketer.com. And we are also proud certified Infusionsoft, Memberium & PlusThis Partners.

Your Marketing And Double-Your-Sales Solutions

Create Offers

We’ll dive deep into your market to figure out your ideal customer’s burning desires… so we can create offers that they can’t resist.

Incorporate Automation

You’ll incorporate the most advanced automation tools into your marketing (so when we’ve got a funnel that’s selling, we can let it run 24/7… and make money while you sleep)

Lead Conversions

You know what converts leads into customers? Powerful a strategic sales process and power copywriting. That’s right. Our sought-after copywriters will write content, emails, landing pages and sales pages that connect…

Analytics And Reporting

You don’t know what you don’t know.  One of the biggest problem areas that we see with most of our new clients, is the lack of tracking systems and analytics. We pride ourselves in using cutting edge analytics technology in all of our projects.   


You know what converts leads into customers? Powerful copywriting. That’s right. Our sought-after copywriters will write content, emails, landing pages and sales pages that connect…

Funnel Optimization

The key to a profitable funnel is optimizing. You’ll get every aspect of your funnel split tested until we’ve found a “unicorn” that generates sales for you on an ongoing basis. 

Technology We Use On Our Projects

As the world keeps on developing, technology will be changed, what is working today might not work not be efficient tomorrow that’s why we keep up and make sure we’re always up-to-date to meet our client’s technology needs.

The 3 Step Process That Makes Your Funnel Profitable

Step 1.

Every successful funnel starts with a strategy and an end goal in mind… so, the very first thing we start creating, is your funnel plan.

This plan allows us to know where we’re going and what we’re trying to achieve – specifically.

That’s because we want to figure out what kind of a sales funnel we need to build.

For example, is our goal to sell a $1997, 8-week coaching program, a $497 video course, or is it something else?

Step 2.

Now that we’ve developed a strategy and understand your ideal customer, it’s time to create your funnel.

Creating it is the easy part. It takes our team 2-3 weeks to create an entire funnel from scratch.

That includes your ads, landing pages, trip wires, email sequences, sales pages and everything else.

We have a fully stacked team working with us, that includes: seasoned developers, designers, marketers and copywriters.

Step 3.

Finally, your funnel is up and running!

Even if, right from the start you’re making a profit, testing and tweaking can upgrade your results even more.

Who doesn’t like making more money?

By testing, tweaking and optimizing our copy and strategies we’ve seen controls beaten by up to 372%!

This is where you make the big bucks. Where we turn “O.K.” marketing into overdrive.

Stephen Prior

CEO / Founder
Prior Marketing Solutions

Meet The Funnel Marketing Specialist

Hi. I’m Stephen Prior, the Founder of Prior Marketing Solutions…

I’m a web developer and marketer who discovered automation tools and has become obsessed with helping businesses grow online…

…now others call me the funnel marketing specialist.

You see, it used to take me and my team months to create an entire marketing funnel online. Now we create them in just weeks…

Which means we get to spend 10X more time optimizing funnels, testing each aspect (split testing offers, headlines, copy and design) and dramatically upgrading our conversion rates…

Just how dramatically?

Well after just a couple weeks of tweeks and testing, we can turn an under-performing funnel into an optimized, well greased selling machine that delivers 2-13x the money that our clients invested in our marketing services.

Once they’re set up and optimized, these online funnels rake in profits every single day and night (that includes holidays)… they’re automated to run like clockwork.

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