Start Creating Split Tests In Infusionsoft

The March Infusionsoft update is here and Infusionsoft released what some of us in the digital marketing community have been asking for a long time... Email Statistics For Campaign Builder. This means that you now finally have the ability to run email split tests & other optimizations on your marketing automation & funnels.

This is going to completely change how Infusionsoft users utilize marketing automation.

With the new update, you now can easily view the open & click rates as well as the # of bounces of any automated email that is set up in campaign builder.

This also means, you now can create & run accurate split tests on your emails to optimize them based on their performance.

That is huge for funnel developers & business owners who use Infusionsoft. No more "flying blind". 

For sometime now, our friends at PlusThis have had the technology available to do this with their Email Split Testing tool.  

The problem with their feature was that it was difficult to view the analytics necessary to make educated changes to email copy or subject lines.  This is no longer the case. 

I've created the following video to demonstrate how you can leverage this powerful new feature with a little help from PlusThis's Email Testing tool.

We have also created a campaign template that we will install in your Infusionsoft app FOR FREE, so that you can start split testing your emails with these two features.

Watch how to set up split tests in campaign builder here:


Lastly, I want to give a huge shout out to everyone over at Infusionsoft & all of the users & certified partners who lobbied to make this feature possible.  Considering Infusionsoft's role in marketing automation this absolutely huge.  We hope that you enjoy and utilize this feature to it's full extent! 

By Prior Marketing Solutions / Mar 7, 2016 / 2 Comments