For a while we have been wanting to put together a list of digital marketing tools that we use on a regular basis. We consider ourselves marketing technology junkies.  

Well, when we started creating this list we realized there were too many to fit into one blog post.

In this post we will feature our favorite Email Marketing Tools.

Lets get started....

Our Favorite Tools For

Email Marketing:


We are a HUGE fans of Infusionsoft. In fact we are Infusionsoft Certified Partners. The best way to utilize Email Marketing to its full potential is to automate it.

Not only is Infusionsoft a email automation platform, it also serves as your: CRM, Email Broadcaster, Accounting system, Payment Processor, Affiliate Marketing Platform, Sales Team Automation Tool & E-Commerce Platform (if you go with the Deluxe Package).

Sounds like a lot?

That is actually just scratching the surface if you take in consideration the hundreds of 3rd party addons you can connect to it.

Click here to learn more about Infusionsoft >>

Maropost is another awesome email marketing platform that we recommend, mainly for “one off” email broadcasts.

While Infusionsoft also provides powerful analytics, we suggest a combination of Maropost & Infusionsoft to businesses with very large lists that heavily utilize manual email blasts.

You can check out Maropost Here >>

PlusThis is a suite of Infusionsoft add-ons with a wide variety of powerful features.

However, our favorite PlusThis feature right now is it’s Email Split Testing Tool. (Check out the tutorial we created here >>)

You can also use PlusThis for SMS Messaging Automation, Facebook Triggers, Event Management, Video Triggers, as an Infusionsoft / GoToWebinar integration and much more!

You can check out PlusThis here >>

Email On Acid

Email On Acid provides a variety of tools to help you test your email broadcasts and fix issues that might affect how your emails look on various email services.

They also have AWESOME resources (that are actually useful), like responsive HTML email templates, whitepapers and other tips & tricks for email marketing.

You can check them out here >>

Depending on your email marketing tactics, there is always a chance that you might one day run into deliverability issues with your ESP (Email Service Provider).

That is where WeDeliver.Email comes in. They provide tools that allow you to send emails from Infusionsoft but deliver them through other email services like Sparkpost, Mandrill or Amazon Web Services.

Doing this can dramatically increase the performance of your email marketing efforts.

To learn more check them out here >>


This software is more of a calendar tool, however we are putting it in this list because it has powerful email automation features.

AppointmentCore integrates with your Infusionsoft app with your calendar (ie. Google Calendars, iCalendar or Outlook).

You can place a scheduling link in your email signature or web pages, then after someone schedules an appointment you can automate any followup emails through Infusionsoft.

You can check out Appointment Core here >>

In the next part of this series we will review our favorite membership site & gated content tools. (fun stuff!)

Hope you enjoyed.  Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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