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Stephen Prior

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Hi. I’m Stephen Prior, the Founder of Prior Marketing Solutions…

I’m a Digital Marketer and Funnel Marketing Specialist who specializes in helping businesses grow online through Sales & Marketing Automation, Funnel Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization…

I started off in web development at a young age and as I grew into my adult years I morphed those skills into career as a digital marketing consultant for businesses of all sizes.  

Prior Marketing Solutions originally started in 2014 as marketing agency focusing on marketing funnel development, membership websites and Infusionsoft Services...And it worked out great. 

We've worked with mom-and-pop shops to businesses doing $30,000,000+ in revenue annually. 

But I've been doing this consulting thing for a while now and about a year ago I took a step back and evaluated what were the common traits and tactics that all of my most successful clients share.

And I discovered 3 common strategies that all of them have implemented successfully.  Since then,  Prior Marketing Solutions has evolved to focus on what we now call as our ATO System™

The ATO System™ is a set of 3 pillars that consist of the following strategies: 

Every successful funnel starts with a strategy

The ATO System™



Marketing and sales are successful when a business builds relationships with their customers. And relationships are created through communication.

Too often businesses "get lost in the clock" and forget to communicate with their leads... which ultimately means that they miss out on making sales.

Because of that every business should automate as much of their marketing, sales and operational communication as possible.



It is CRUCIAL for business owners and decision makers to know their numbers.

That doesn't just mean revenue and the number of leads that come in. Every web page, email, phone or step in the marketing or sales process should be tracked.

And more importantly they should be tracked in a way that can be easily viewed and broken down to make strategic decisions.  

Dashboard and other reporting tools are perfect for this. 



Businesses like Google, Amazon or Apple weren't built in a day. 

A lot of times business owners  have unrealistic expectations in terms of their marketing and sales campaigns.  Copying an industry leader does not automatically mean you will copy their success.

Marketing success is typically found through strategic testing and optimizing important touch points over time (using data acquired through sales & marketing tracking) .

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We've learned from the best and are always evolving with the digital marketing agency.  Because of that we are proud holders of several Digital Marketing and SAAS Certifications.  
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